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Big Game Rifle seasons are just around the corner...

By Parker Arms - Posted on 09 September 2017

Have you had a chance to get out to the range and shoot your big game rifle?
Do you have plenty of ammunition to sight in?
Time is running out fast before your season opens.
Proper cleaning and lubrication are critical to ensure your rifle performs when you need it most. DON'T miss that trophy bull or buck because of a failure in your equipment. Lubricating oils lose their volatiles and get sticky, especially in cold weather. Now is the time to get your gear checked and ready for hunting.
If you need your rifle repaired:
Get it here as soon as you can, replacement parts are taking 10-14 days to arrive if our vendors have it in stock.
Let us know when you are leaving for your hunt so we can be sure to get your rifle ready in time.
Make sure you schedule enough time to get back to the range and verify your sight in.

Now is a good time to gather and inventory all your gear and make a list of the items you need to get before hunting.

We have several used hunting rifles with scopes already mounted at great prices. Currently we have two in 30-06, one each in 7mm rem mag, 280 rem, 270 win and a 25-06.